all of a sudden, they are everywhere: my antennae, my fur coat, my hair.

self (work in progress)

Since July 2017, I am collecting the loose hair I find in my hairbrush. Using a felting needle, I make it into an object which replicates my own body dimensions, so that over time it grows into a life-size self portrait.

self (work in progress), since 2017
object (human hair)
14 x 7.5 x 12 cm

Köpfchen (little heads), 2017
graphite and ink on paper (series)
each 29.7 x 42 cm

2,500 / 100,000, 2018
ink on transparent paper
70 x 50 cm

Harvest, 2018
Sketch (ink on paper)

Harvest, 2018
object (human hair)
ca. 70 cm
straight razor and camera: April Lynn

The Sound of Human Hair

After harvesting my hair at a length of 70 cm, I will use it to rehair a violin bow. Since the structure and resilience of human hair differs greatly from the traditionally used horsehair, the sound produced by playing the violin with it will also be different.
Icelandic musician Gyða Hrund ├×orvaldsdóttir will play a continuous tone with the violin bow until the strings have cut through all the hair of the bow.

the sound of human hair, 2018
sketch for a sound performance
cooperation with Gyða Hrund ├×orvaldsdóttir