“The storytellers have not realised that the Sleeping Beauty would have awoken covered in a thick layer of dust; nor have they envisaged the sinister spiders' webs that would have been tom apart at the first movement of her red tresses. Meanwhile dismal sheets of dust constantly invade earthly habitations and uniformly defile them: as if it were a matter of making ready attics and old rooms for the imminent occupation of the obsessions, phantoms, spectres that the decayed odour of old dust nourishes and intoxicates.“ - Georges Bataille, Encyclopædia Acephalica

100 Jahre Schlaf from Beate Körner on Vimeo.

100 years of sleep, 2012
performance (durational)
at E-WERK Freiburg

performers: Thomas Dawidowski and Beate Körner
camera and assistance: Martina Harder